Granites GS

The granite company has three different suppliers.  If you decide to go with the Steel Grey or Jet Black we would need to call around for availability of those granites or see if the suppliers have something similar.  You would be able to visit those suppliers to see the slabs in person or we can have them send photos.  

Level 1 (included)

Uba Tuba

Gran Perla – I spoke with a rep at the granite company yesterday.  He thought the seam(s) in the granite backsplash would be most apparent with this option.

Level 2 – ADD $683

Steel Grey – the granite company would need to track down more of this granite

Level 3 – ADD $1,366

Jet Black – the granite company has been having a hard time location for of this granite.  A level 2 Black San Gabriel is a close match.  The would need to locate more of both.

Level 4 – ADD $2,049

Blue Pearl