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Elegant Outdoor Kitchens is here to make your outdoor living dream a reality! We build outdoor kitchens in Babcock, Fort Myers, Estero & Naples! Call us today to start the process of building your outdoor kitchen! (239) 229-9033

Elegant Outdoor Kitchens FAQ’s

Why did you decide to enter the outdoor kitchen business?
Ben & Andrea Poulton, both Fort Myers natives and Riverdale graduates, have watched the tremendous growth of SWFL throughout their lives. They are familiar with what builders in new communities are offering, or another way to put it, sometimes what they are not offering. In some cases, the builder may offer an outdoor kitchen rough-in option, but not the outdoor kitchen itself. Our goal is to bridge that gap because there is no better therapy for the soul than being outdoors. We understand how important it is to have “that spot” to go to in order to get the family outside and living to the fullest!

Why should I choose Elegant Outdoor Kitchens over another company?
Because customer service is our number one priority! We know that your level of happiness with Elegant Outdoor Kitchens is equally important before, during and after the process. Not only would we deliver a high quality outdoor kitchen, we promise you, we are second to none in customer service!

Where is the ideal place for an outdoor kitchen?
An under truss lanai is the ideal place to build outdoor kitchens. This protects the outdoor kitchen from UV rays and excessive moisture. Given our wet, wet summers, it also prevents you from having to dry sopping wet countertops every time you want to cook. Plus, no one wants to be forced to make the decision of halting the BBQ or standing in the pouring rain when that unexpected sun shower rolls up.

What does an outdoor kitchen generally cost?
This can be hard to say without seeing the space or knowing what it is that you are looking for. When we build outdoor kitchens they generally run between $15,000-$25,000.  However, we have an easy bidding process, call 239.229.9033 today to get started!

My builder did not install an outdoor kitchen rough-in, can I still build an outdoor kitchen?
Absolutely! We can still build you an Elegant Outdoor Kitchen with a high quality grill, beverage refrigerator and storage space! And if a sink is a must have, we can do that too.

I don’t want to live in a construction related mess, how can you ensure that I won’t?
Building an outdoor kitchen is a fairly clean process and we clean up after ourselves each night. We realize your back lanai is not our storage shed.

How long does the process take?
From start to completion, the process generally takes about 3-4 weeks. During the time that the countertop is templated until its installation, there is a little down time, but otherwise we move fairly quickly.  We set our schedule when we draft the agreement and our schedule rarely changes.

How do I get the process of building my outdoor kitchen started?
Call Elegant Outdoor Kitchens today. Ben can be reached at (239) 229-9033 or by email at Andrea@BenPoulton.com.

Who will be building our outdoor kitchen?
Ben, Andrea and a group of three or four guys that build all of our kitchens. This is how we ensure quality control. If we wouldn’t put it in our home, we wouldn’t put it in yours.

What is your warranty?
If you have a problem, call us, we want to make it right. The appliances come with the vendor warranty. The granite, base framing, rock and workmanship will come with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the home.

Do you sell pre-fabricated kitchens?
We build the outdoor kitchen on site and custom fit it to your lanai space. We do not offer pre-fabricated outdoor kitchens.