Showroom - Elegant Outdoor Kitchens

Elegant Outdoor Kitchens comes to you and we do not have a physical showroom.  However, if you would like to see the quality of the product, we do have outdoor kitchens built in models that are open to the public.

Although we never registered the company on Apple Maps, they added us anyway.  Unlike Google & Bing, Apple Maps does not allow us to hide our mailing address, so our location has been set to a spot in the Gulf of Mexico.  Please do not go into Apple Maps and type in our company name, because unless you have an amphibious vehicle, you will not be able to access those coordinates…and then, if you are able to make it, in your amphibious vehicle, you would be quite disappointed to find that we are not there.

If you would like to see an outdoor kitchen that we have built, you can visit the following model homes: