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12″ x 64″ Crystal Fire Burner Plus

At Elegant Outdoor Kitchens, we invest a substantial amount of time in every custom outdoor kitchen we design & build for our customers. Our process is just that, a process. From the initial on-site consultation to developing a custom 3-Dimensional CAD drawing, all the way to the actual construction of your outdoor kitchen project, we invest the time that ensures your project gets built to the highest professional standard. In the spirit of “No one likes to work for free”, we’re implementing some much-needed standard operating procedures in the area of CAD Designs.

3D Custom Outdoor Kitchen CAD Design Service
Our custom CAD designs are arguably the bulk of the work where time and energy are concerned. It’s the instruction manual for your beautiful outdoor kitchen project, and it’s designed specifically for your outdoor living area. Lately, it’s come to our attention that some people take no issue with intellectual property theft, and that’s what a 3D CAD design by Elegant Outdoor Kitchens is. It’s our companies intellectual property. We have invested time and used our industry experience to produce a CAD design to follow during the construction process. Please don’t steal our intellectual property.

As of January 1st, 2021, our new standard operating procedure will protect our intellectual property from theft. If you have us design your outdoor kitchen to specification, and you would like a copy of our 3D CAD Design (our intellectual property), our design price starts at $100.00. The size of the project can increase the cost of the rendering.

If you decide you like our design and want to proceed with us through the entire construction process, we will apply the design fee to your overall outdoor kitchen project cost. We reserve the right to adjust this standard operating procedure on a per-customer basis.

We appreciate your business and can’t wait to exceed your expectations!

Team Elegant Outdoor Kitchens