Still not too pretty to use! - Project Portfolio

Blaze outdoor kitchen

Project Name: Still not too pretty to use!

Project Design Layout: Straight

Project Materials Description: Grey Oak Honed stacked stone | Level 6 Cintiliante granite | Blaze 32” LTE series grill | Blaze 32" drawer/door combo | Blaze 30" Gas Griddle Built-In LTE | Blaze 32” double doors | Blaze rollout double trash/recycle drawer | 5.5 CU FT outdoor refrigerator | 5.2 OD fridge trim kit

Ben & Andrea work in the field a lot so we get to know our customers pretty well.  Something that we commonly here though, as the jobs are wrapping up, is that the kitchen is “too pretty to use.”  While we love the comment, at the same time we are quick to reassure them, that no it is not too pretty to use.  And this kitchen is no different, it’s pretty, but not too pretty to use!

The countertop is a level 6 Cintiliante granite and backsplash.  The stacked stone was a special order stone by MSI.  It is the Grey Oak Honed.  When we first met with the customer, the customer said they wanted the stacked stone on the kitchen to match the stone on their water feature.  We were able to order them a sample of the stacked stone so that they could check the match.  Once confirmed, we knew we were ready to rock and roll.  Click here if you are interested in viewing all of the special order stones available.

The components housed in this outdoor kitchen are: