The Sunset & Wine Vibe - Project Portfolio

108" Crystal Fire Plus fire burner

Project Name: The Sunset & Wine Vibe

Project Design Layout: U-Shaped

Project Materials Description: This project has tons of functionality with a wide variety of components. The stacked stone color selection is the Diana Royal. The granite is level 5 Calcita Blue granite.

If this project doesn’t make you want to start sipping wine at sunset, nothing will!  This was a fun project, lots of work, but so fun!  There are some before and after photos below.  You will see the space changed quite a bit from the first day through the last.

This U-shape outdoor kitchen (10’7” along the wall with the rough-in, 8’5” along the wall perpendicular to the rough-in, 7’2” parallel to the 10’7” cabinet) has the following components built-in:

The granite countertop includes an arc’ed overhang off the back of the 7’2” cabinet, overhang is 6” at the corners and 10” at the center.  There is a 12” back/side splash.

The 11’1” L x 24” H linear fire feature houses the items below:

The outdoor shower features:

  • Diana Royal stacked stone
  • 24” H Diana Royal pavers with leather finish, installed along the section in the center
  • Diana Royal polished bullnose trim pieces finish the top edge of the stone & pavers