The Trifecta - Project Portfolio

Project Name: The Trifecta

Project Design Layout: Straight

Project Materials Description: Under mount sink (interior dimensions of 21 1/2" W x 15 3/4" L x 9" D) with high-arc faucet | Blaze 25” double access doors (under sink) | Blaze 32” LTE series grill | Blaze 32" drawer/door combo | Memphis Pro Built-In ITC3 VGB0001S | Two - Custom stainless 3D backsplash behind grill (36" W x 36" H x 1 1/4" D) - 4" radius corners at top | Diana Royal stacked stone cabinet & backsplash | Level 3 Ibiza Blanco granite

This was a kitchen with a handful of things that make this project memorable.  One of the neatest parts about this project is not actually a feature of the kitchen, but it’s the reason why we are calling it the Trifecta.  We can now say, that we have built a kitchen for all three of the siblings in one family.  We appreciate that this family has continued to put their confidence in us time and time again.  It feels like a big accomplishment and is humbling at the same time.

Some other notable features are that this kitchen has not one, but two grills.  In addition to “Ole Trusty”, the Blaze 32″ LTE Series Grill, we built in the Memphis Pro Grill.

The mitered edge on the granite countertop makes it appear as though the countertop is 4″ thick.

The stainless 3D backsplashes were fabricated with a 4″ radius on the top corners.  Typically our stainless backsplashes have square corners, but they are topped by a hood.  We felt in the absence of a hood, the square corners would be a bit too stark, so we softened that look with the rounded corners.

And like always, the icing on the cake is the stacked stone backsplash from the top of the granite backsplash to ceiling height.  The stone backsplash finishes a kitchen with a rich look in a way that nothing else can.

For the DIY’er, you can copy the look by shopping the links below.