Timeless & Classic Outdoor Kitchen - Project Portfolio

Close-up of the Blaze Traditional Series 32” 4 – burner grill

Project Name: Timeless & Classic Outdoor Kitchen

Project Design Layout: Straight

Project Materials Description: Tradewind 36” Hood, Blaze Traditional Series 32” 4 - burner grill, Blaze 32” door & double drawer combo, aluminum and wrapped with a wet weather backer board, Diana Royal stacked stone

The Classic Outdoor Kitchen Area

The Classic Outdoor Kitchen is 7’5″ and built in Corkscrew Shores, a Pulte Homes community, in Estero, FL. The base is framed with aluminum and wrapped with a wet weather backer board. The facade along with the front & left is a Diana Royal stacked stone.
Diana Royal is a newer stone, and its popularity is increasing
with our customers. Its look is timeless and classic. The countertop & side/backsplash is level 3 Andromeda White granite. The granite side/backsplash is 4″ in height. Centered behind the grill and under the hood, the backsplash will rise to 36″ high for a width of 36″.
Included components:

Blaze access doors are the perfect storage solution for any outdoor kitchen! The Blaze 32″ Door and Doule Drawer combo feature is an ideal access size for an island and an outdoor kitchen. It features 304 stainless steel components that bring the promise of lasting durability to your outdoor BBQ! Elegant Outdoor Kitchens is here to make your dream outdoor kitchen.

The Classic Outdoor Kitchen Gallery

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