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Best Barbecue Ribs Ever – Food Network BBQ Ribs Recipe

Best Barbecue Ribs Ever The 4th of July is tomorrow! As Americans, we celebrate this historical day in remembrance of our Independence. The 4th of July is the day our original thirteen colonies declared our Independence from England. It was the day we officially became a free country. At Elegant Outdoor Kitchens, we feel that… Read more »

Celebrating the 4th with BBQ Pulled Pork – Recipe

Bobby Flay’s – Oklahoma Joe’s Pulled Pork Recipe courtesy of Jeff Stehney | Show: BBQ with Bobby Flay In observance of the 4th of July, we thought we’d share a BBQ recipe everyday leading up into the 4th. Here at Elegant Outdoor Kitchens we wanted to remind our customers of some of the reasons why… Read more »

Free Outdoor Kitchen Design Guide by Elegant Outdoor Kitchens

The Process Of Building A Custom Outdoor Kitchen Are you in the market for a custom BBQ island and outdoor living area? Well, we have the perfect construction guide that’s designed to give you an introduction to the process. The Elegant Outdoor Kitchens team has compiled a useful outdoor kitchen guide that will help you… Read more »

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Construction of Fort Myers Florida

Understanding The Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design Process The outdoor kitchen design process is exciting! You’ll always receive professional services when you choose Elegant Outdoor Kitchens to build your custom BBQ Island. From concept to completion, we’ll transform your backyard into an entertaining environment that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Elegant Outdoor Kitchens of Fort… Read more »

Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Considerations

When it comes to your elegant outdoor kitchen, countertops are one of your first considerations. Countertops improve the aesthetic appeal of your barbecue Island. Outdoor kitchen countertops are the primary place for food preparation and serving. It’s important to understand how much counter space you’ll need, along with whether you’ll add any features and or… Read more »

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas – Considerations Before Your Outdoor Kitchen Build

When considering a design for your custom outdoor kitchen area and living space, it’s as much about performance as it is about style and aesthetics. Before committing to a design, there are few questions you might want to take into consideration. To get what you want out of an outdoor kitchen build, you must first… Read more »

5 Reasons Why You Should Have an Outdoor Kitchen Area

Outdoor Kitchens are becoming a normal addition to the American home. They are considered an extension of the indoor residence, acting as a place to grill, dine, and socialize. This isn’t something new though; Mediterranean people have been doing this for hundreds of years. In all actuality, it can be considered a part of their… Read more »