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5 tips for cooking safely outdoors

Keep Your Hands Sanitary We all know basic hygiene and that includes keeping your hands clean. However, it is worth noting that food sanitation starts with your hands, be certain anyone handling food at any stage of its preparation has clean and sanitary hands. Dirty hands is one of the most common ways that food… Read more »

Outdoor Kitchen Designs L-Shape

Designing an outdoor living space has it’s challenges and many things to consider. We all have plans to to entertain company in our outdoor living space, but there are other factors to consider including our personal tastes and how everything will tie together. With that said why not consider a kitchen classic the L-Shape design.… Read more »

Maintaining and Cleaning your Outdoor Kitchen

You’ve done it! You are now the proud owner of a Custom Outdoor Kitchen, undoubtedly you’ve hosted a few outdoor cookouts and relaxed under the sun with friends and family. It’s easy to enjoy your investment but let’s not forget to keep up with maintaining our wonderful Outdoor Living Space. By its very nature, our… Read more »

Update your Outdoor Kitchen Living Space

Spending time outside enjoying the lovely Florida sun with friends and family is arguably the sweetest fruit of our labor. The size of the outdoor space hardly matters you make it your unique outdoor paradise. Planning your outdoor kitchen correctly and safely will maximize the usable outdoor kitchen living space available to you. Outdoor Fung… Read more »

Safe Grilling Guide

Grill safety starts with Grill education Before you start planning your next barbeque, dig into that junk drawer and grab the saftey instructions that came with your grill. Read them thoroughly as things such as gas build up are very real safety hazards that you need to be aware of. Get to know your Gas… Read more »

How to Grill every day!

If I had my way, I’d cook every meal outside on the grill! However, I quickly learned that you shouldn’t have red meat more than three times a week, which equals 12 – 18 oz. Learning to cook other foods on the grill was my only option. Grilling vegetables can dramatically alter their flavor profile… Read more »

How to plan your outdoor kitchen space

At Elegant Outdoor Kitchens, we more than understand how big of a project it can be planning your very own outdoor kitchen space. Although, we’re here to tell you how fun it actually is, and steps you can take to make this an easier process to get started. Having an outdoor kitchen takes your living… Read more »

Home Ground Grilled Hamburger

Ingredients used: 1.5 lb of Beef Chuck Hamburger Buns Sliced Cheese of your preference Salt and black pepper Toppings as prefferred: tomato, onion, dill pickles Grinding the Beef Prepare your meat grinders feed tube, grinding shaft, plate, die and meat screw by placing them into freezer. Prepare the cuts of beef chuck placing them onto… Read more »

Tri-trip Wrapped Scallops

Ingredients 12 large scallops (I used previously frozen scallops from Sams Club) 1-1/2 SYD Chicken Rub ¼ cup your fav barbecue sauce 2 tablespoon lemon juice 1 tablespoon melted butter 12 slices of cooked beef to wrap the scallops Toothpicks  Instructions Preheat your kettle grill with ½ chimney of hot coals. Dry your thawed scallops… Read more »