Circular Backsplash Custom Barbecue Island - Project Portfolio

Beautiful Custom Barbecue Island Design by Elegant Outdoor Kitchens of Fort Myers, Florida

Project Name: Circular Backsplash Custom Barbecue Island

Project Design Layout: Straight

Project Materials Description: We head back to Materita in Pelican Preserve where the residents can’t seem to get enough of their Elegant Outdoor Kitchens. Here we see a new combination of colors, with the Silver Travertine being paired with a St. Cecilia granite countertop and backsplash. Another unique feature of this kitchen is the shape of the backsplash, in addition to the 4” backsplash is a semi-circle with a 24” radius centered behind the grill. The components in this summer kitchen include the 32” 4-burner grill, the 4.1 CU FT outdoor rated fridge, with a single and double access door, all manufactured by Blaze BBQ.

Beautiful, Elegant, Custom Barbecue Island Designs by Elegant Outdoor Kitchens

This custom barbecue island by Elegant Outdoor Kitchens is stylish and unique. We opted for a traditional linear layout for the island but designed the backsplash to be a little different from our usual designs. We designed it to have a standard run of the mill 4” St. Cecilia granite backsplash. Adding a little aesthetic twist in the form of a 24” granite radius that’s located directly behind the grill. The circular granite backsplash truly gives it a nice touch. We paired the St. Cecilia granite countertop with the Silver Travertine fascia as seen in the gallery. The overall look, design, layout, and choice of materials ended up hitting the mark in every way. The clients are extremely happy with their custom barbecue island by Elegant Outdoor Kitchens.

The components we installed were all manufactured by Blaze, an extremely popular professional barbecue grill & component company. The Blaze 32” 4-burner Professional Barbecue Grill is one of the most popular grill brands that we install in our custom barbecue island designs. The grill is beautiful, durable, and reliable. We also installed a 4.1 CU FT Outdoor Rated Refrigerator, outdoor sink, as well as a single and double access door. This particular outdoor kitchen design and the installed components eliminates any back & forth trips to the indoor kitchen during the prep and grilling process. There’s really no need for it. They have outdoor refrigeration, dry storage, and a sink with running water that allows them to wash up. The overall project turned out very nice. All at an affordable price by the professionals here at Elegant Outdoor Kitchens.

When it comes to affordable and functional custom barbecue island design, Elegant Outdoor Kitchens has you covered. We’re Southwest Florida’s premier outdoor living specialists. We understand that building an outdoor kitchen area is a big decision. Allow us to show why we’re the customers preferred choice in SWFL. Schedule a consultation today with one of our Elegant Outdoor Kitchen professionals.

Blaze 32 Inch 4-Burner Grill With Rear Burner - Open Grill Head

Blaze 32 Inch 4-Burner Grill With Rear Burner – Open Grill Head