SEC Football Custom Outdoor Kitchen Retreat - Project Portfolio

Project Name: SEC Football Outdoor Kitchen Retreat

Project Design Layout: Straight

Project Materials Description: MSI Sedona Fossil, Level 3 White Galaxy Granite, Washington State Wood Inlays

This custom outdoor kitchen was built for SEC football!  We have heard though that it has turned out to be the morning hangout for sipping coffee, the cafeteria at lunch time and the evening dinner and hangout spot.

If you ask these homeowners what there favorite thing about this outdoor kitchen is, well grab a chair and have a seat because that is a long answer.

There are so many great features about this outdoor kitchen that we love and wouldn’t want to do without.

We wanted the kitchen to have a rustic, almost western, feel which is why we went with the warmer colors.  To keep the stacked stone from getting heavy under the bar side, we added three custom made wood inlays, we also used wood inlays behind the sconces to tie everything together.  Keeping with the rustic theme, the sconces were made in Washington State and reflect out lifestyle with a laser cut deer running through the woods.

We wanted the kitchen to be versatile and I think we added just about every component you could think of.  I think the component that has surprised us the most with its usefulness, is the side burner.  We cook all of our meals outside, and dare I say, the side burner has turned out to be the MVP…better not say that too loudly in front of the fridge and ice maker.  We use it for everything though, bacon, omelets, cheese grits, you name it.  We are ‘outdoors-ie’ people, and last weekend, when we made cheeseburger soup it was so nice not being stuck in the house prepping and babysitting it.

We added the big bar top with an overhang on both sides and a fire burner in the center.  It’s turned out to be perfect for dining and family time.  Since we are having a real winter, by Florida standards, the fire burner has been a great source of warmth in the evenings and has made the outdoor experience enjoyable long after sunset.  The kids also enjoy roasting marshmallows over the burner and making smores.

We built the kitchen thinking it would give us a cool spot to watch SEC football but really it has become so much more than that.  It has definitely exceeded our expectations.”

To replicate this outdoor kitchen, you will need the following: