Underlit Crystalo Granite Outdoor Kitchen Creates an Ambient Golden Countertop Glow - Project Portfolio

Blaze 32 Inch 4-Burner LTE Series Barbecue Grill

Project Name: Underlit Ambient Golden Countertop Glow

Project Design Layout: Straight

Project Materials Description: Crystalo Granite, Leonardo Stacked Stone, Under-mount sink with high-arc faucet, Single vertical door, Tradewind 36” Hood, Custom stainless vent cover, Blaze 32” 4-burner LTE series, Blaze rotisserie kit, Smoker box for, Blaze 32” door & double drawer combo Traditional & LTE, Blaze LTE double side burner, Blaze narrow trash storage drawer, 5.2 CU FT outdoor refrigerator, 5.2 OD fridge trim kit

Underlit or Backlit Glow – It’s Possible with Crystalo Granite

This is a unique and feature-rich custom outdoor kitchen build, the ambient glow that emanates from beneath the countertop at night is by far one of the most amazing features. This effect cannot be achieved with just any granite, though. We were able to achieve this remarkable effect due to the higher Quartz Crystal content (roughly 25% of the granite) of the Crystalo Granite.

Crystalo Granite - 25% Quartz Crystal Content

Crystalo Granite – 25% Quartz Crystal Content

The construction of this L-shape custom summer kitchen by Elegant Outdoor Kitchens is as unique as it is beautiful, completed in Paseo. If you haven’t heard of Paseo, it’s a Stock Development Community that revolves around outdoor entertainment & dining, which makes this outdoor kitchen a perfect fit for the expanding community. The cabinetry housing the grill is 10’3″ in length. Coming off the front of the right side, the section that houses the outdoor refrigeration unit is 5’2″ in length (as measured from the back of the grill cabinet). The combination of materials used to finish this gorgeous outdoor kitchen area resulted in a great final product.

Staying true to form where framing is concerned, as with all of our outdoor kitchens, the base is framed with aluminum studs and wrapped with a wet weather Hardie backer type of board. The façade is a stacked stone (Leonardo – follow for more options).

The countertop and backsplash are an exotic style of Crystalo granite. The translucent nature of the granite allows for the glow of under cabinet lighting to shine through. Not only did we pack this kitchen full of ambiance, but it also contains a full range of functionality. The backsplash is 4″ in height around most of the rear wall. The backsplash makes a dramatic rise to 36″ on center directly behind the barbecue grill, meeting the Tradewind 36″ Hood. This backsplash to hood design minimizes the typical maintenance needed from the pesky smoke residue (but we can’t live without it!). The countertop overhang located at the rear of the refrigerator cabinet is 6″ at the corners, it arcs to 10″ at the center (for a total depth of 39″ at the center!). We included an additional 10″ overhang off the right side of the refrigerator cabinet to maximize the prep and countertop space of the island. Not only is this overhang creating more counter space, but the designer arc gives the island a certain aesthetic appeal when compared to a traditional rectangular shaped countertop protrusion. This outdoor kitchen has tons of counter space as well as welcomed leg room for dining and lounging at the bar. We’re confident that most have experienced the discomfort of a small overhang. It’s something we had in mind when designing this beautiful, custom outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Living Barbecue Grill & Components Used

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