A New Outdoor Kitchen To Go With A New Pool - Project Portfolio

Project Name: A new outdoor kitchen to go with a new pool

Project Design Layout: L-Shaped

Project Materials Description: Blaze 25” 3-burner Traditional series grill, Blaze smoker box, 25” double access door, Blaze Ice Bin/Wine Chiller, 24” horizontal access door

Might As Well Build an Outdoor Kitchen While We’re At It!

Building a new pool calls for a new custom outdoor kitchen by Elegant Outdoor Kitchens! This Summer kitchen build was the final part of a larger renovation project that the homeowner was undertaking.  They had decided to spruce up the entire back lanai, which meant they were getting a new pool, pool deck, and of course the icing on the cake being an outdoor kitchen.

We met with the customer before the pool project began and after a discussion, we were able to come up with the perfect plan for their unique outdoor living space.  Planning ahead is always recommended!  The stem wall you see behind the outdoor kitchen was not originally scheduled to be part of the pool project.  Without having the pool company add the wall and design the cage to fit, the customer would be forced to spend $1,000’s to modify a brand new pool cage.  And without the addition of the wall, you would not be able to tuck the summer kitchen up into that corner.  So, even for those who may feel like it is too early on in the process to think about the outdoor kitchen, we would encourage you to go ahead and reach out.  We have no problem helping customers to plan ahead. Even if that means we have to wait several months before starting the project.

The dimensions of this outdoor kitchen are roughly 5’7” on one side and 5’2” on the other.  This is the first time we have installed the Antique Onyx stacked stone.  We love the color!  It pairs nicely with the level 4 Arara Blue granite.  The granite backsplash is 8” in height taking it up to the top of the wall.

As Far As the Components Are Concerned…

The components installed in this outdoor kitchen are the Blaze 25” 3-burner Traditional series grill with a Blaze smoker box for that great smoky flavor and a 25” double access door; along with the Blaze Ice Bin/Wine Chiller and a 24” horizontal access door.

Outdoor kitchens provide a lot of fun and we enjoyed just being a part of this project.  Now time to grill!

Elegant Outdoor Kitchens Will Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes

Are you planning to build a brand-new swimming pool in your outdoor living space? Is a Summer Kitchen a possibility too? Well, it pays to plan. Give us a call before you start to design and ultimately build the swimming pool. We’re here to help, especially when it comes to assisting you with any questions or concerns you might have about the future outdoor kitchen project. We’re here to help you avoid common pitfalls and avoid mistakes. You never know, it could be the call that saves you thousands of dollars on a slight miscalculation.

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