Demo to Delightful Cappadocia Stacked Stone Kitchen - Project Portfolio

Blaze 32 Inch LTE Gas Grill

Project Name: From Demo to Delightful SWFL Summer Kitchen

Project Design Layout: Straight

Project Materials Description: 4.1 CU outdoor refrigerator, 4.1 CU/4.5 CU trim kit, Tradewind 36" Hood, Blaze 32" 4-burner LTE series, Blaze 32" door & double drawer combo, Under-mount sink with high-arc faucet, Blaze single vertical door,

Cappadocia Stacked Stone Facade Made For a Delightful Outdoor Kitchen & Living Space

This project consisted of an outdoor kitchen demolition, directly followed by a rebuild of a brand new Elegant Outdoor Kitchen. The kicker is that we used this beautiful Cappadocia Stacked Stone finish, turning an old summer kitchen into a delightful new outdoor living space.

The existing summer kitchen had become worn and outdated. The homeowner wanted to install new pavers around their pool deck and then have the exterior of their home repainted. It was the ideal time to demo and rebuild their aged outdoor kitchen area. That’s where we came into the picture! We initialized the project by removing the old outdoor kitchen for this homeowner. The demolition of the old kitchen took place before the pavers and paint. Doing the demo first gave the pavers and painters a fresh start for their projects. We’re confident the homeowners and the other contractors appreciated it.

After the painting and pavers got finished, we came back and the beautiful 9’8″ custom outdoor kitchen. We invite you to check out the photo gallery on this page. Like all of our custom-built bases, we start by framing the structure with aluminum and then wrapping it with a wet weather backer board.

On the facade along the front and a small portion of the right flank is a gorgeous Cappadocia Stacked Stone. The countertop, side flanks, and backsplash are a 4″ level 1 granite ADD COLOR CHOICE. The backsplash installed behind the grill is 36″ by 36″ and starts at the counter backsplash and rises to the ventilation hood.

The following components incorporated into the project:

From Demolition to Delightful

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