Outdoor kitchen in Esplanade Lake Club - Project Portfolio

Outdoor kitchen Esplanade Lake Club

Project Name: Outdoor kitchen in Esplanade Lake Club

Project Design Layout: Straight

Project Materials Description: Tradewind 36” Hood | Custom stainless 3D backsplash behind grill | Blaze 32” LTE series grill | Blaze 32" drawer/door combo (under grill) | Under mount sink with high-arc faucet with soap dispenser | Single vertical door (under sink) | 5.5 CU FT outdoor refrigerator | 5.5 OD fridge trim kit | Blaze rollout double trash/recycle drawer | Silver Travertine stacked stone | Level 1 Vale Nevado granite

Key Features of This Outdoor Kitchen

This 9’6” outdoor kitchen was built in the uber popular Lazio floorplan by Taylor Morrison in the Esplanade Lake Club in Fort Myers.  It has, in our opinion, the most useful combination of components, which are the grill (and hood), sink, fridge and trash/recycle bin.  If you are looking for a kitchen that will hit all your needs and don’t have tons of space, this is the perfect fit.  Adding the stacked stone backsplash is icing on the cake.

  • Tradewind 36” Hood (with internal blowers) – The Tradewind 36” Hood ensures efficient ventilation, maintaining a smoke-free cooking environment. The powerful internal blowers effectively capture and remove cooking odors and grease. View Product
  • Custom Stainless 3D Backsplash – Behind the grill, a custom stainless 3D backsplash (36″ W x 36″ H x 1 1/4″ D) adds a modern and stylish element to the kitchen. This backsplash not only enhances the aesthetic but also makes cleaning easier.
  • Blaze 32” LTE Series Grill – At the heart of this kitchen is the Blaze 32” LTE series grill, known for its superior performance and durability. This grill is perfect for all your outdoor cooking needs, from casual barbecues to gourmet meals. View Product
  • Blaze 32″ Drawer/Door Combo – Located under the grill, the Blaze drawer/door combo provides ample storage for your grilling tools and accessories, ensuring that everything you need is within reach. View Product
  • Under-Mount Sink with High-Arc Faucet – This kitchen includes a convenient under-mount sink with a high-arc faucet and soap dispenser, making food prep and cleanup a breeze.
  • Single Vertical Door (under sink) – For additional storage, a single vertical door is installed under the sink, providing easy access to plumbing and storage space for cleaning supplies. View Product
  • 5.5 CU FT Outdoor Refrigerator – Keep your beverages and ingredients cool with the Blaze 5.5 CU FT outdoor-rated refrigerator, an essential component for any outdoor kitchen. View Product
  • 5.5 OD fridge trim kitView Product
  • Blaze Rollout Double Trash/Recycle Drawer – The Blaze rollout double trash/recycle drawer ensures waste management is organized and out of sight, adding to the kitchen’s overall functionality and cleanliness. View Product

Design and Aesthetic Appeal

The stacked stone backsplash is the finishing touch that brings this outdoor kitchen together, adding a touch of elegance and texture. This feature not only enhances the kitchen’s aesthetic but also provides a durable and easy-to-clean surface.


If you’re looking for a compact yet fully functional outdoor kitchen that meets all your cooking and entertaining needs, this Elegant Outdoor Kitchen in the Lazio floorplan by Taylor Morrison is the perfect fit. With its carefully chosen components and stylish design, it offers the ideal balance of utility and beauty.

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