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Project Name: Summer Outdoor Kitchen - Tidewater Island in Fort Myers

Project Design Layout: Straight

Project Materials Description: This summer outdoor kitchen was built in Tidewater Island in Fort Myers. This is a pretty neat set up with a grilling area on a Victorian style porch that overlooks the water. The Light Travertine stacked stone is a nice complement to the granite that boasts pink and green hues. In this simple grilling area you have the Bull Angus 30” 4-burner grill with the 32” double access doors underneath.

Summer Outdoor Kitchen of Tidewater Island in Fort Myers, Florida

Bull 30" Angus 4-Burner Grill Head

Bull 30″ Angus 4-Burner Grill Head

While this Barbecue Island is considered “straight” regarding the build, or outdoor kitchen cabinet configuration. It’s a bit more intricate in nature. It’s built to fit into the existing shape of the Victorian Style structure. As the photos show. The most interesting aspect of this custom outdoor kitchen is that it’s built to fit into 3 sides of an octagon. The Victorian Style Porch being built into the shape of an octagon. It doesn’t get more custom than this particular build. The following photos showcase the range of customization that Elegant Outdoor Kitchens is prepared to do.With this custom outdoor kitchen build we used a Light Travertine Stacked Stone with a unique Granite counter-top that boasts beautiful pink and green hues. A truly amazing material combination that compliments the existing structure magnificently. The grilling area is very simple and straight forward, there wasn’t a whole lot of room for any additional components. A Bull Angus 30” 4-Burner Professional Grill was built-in and fit quite perfectly. The 30” grill head produces 75,000 BTU’s, which happens to be a lot for its size. Perfect for this compact area. We installed a 32” Stainless Steel Double Access Door to enable access to the grill and its primary components.

The Angus grill head is a 4-Burner 30” stainless steel built-In gas barbecue grill with an Infrared back burner. It is also one of our most popular grills.

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