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Custom Outdoor Kitchen by Elegant Outdoor Kitchens

Project Name: The Rough-In Option by Neal Communities

Project Design Layout: Straight

Project Materials Description: Blaze 32 inch, 4-burner Traditional Series Built-In Barbecue Grill, 32" Double Drawer/Access Door Combination Unit, 4.1 CU FT Outdoor Rated Refrigerator with the included Trim Kit, 18" Single Vertical Door, Undermount Sink, Silver Travertine Stacked Stone Siding, and Level 1 Ornamental Granite Countertop

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Convenient Rough-In Options Provided by Neal Communities

Another Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Build Inside Neal Communities

We return to Cypress Walk by Neal Communities for this outdoor kitchen project. This project work-flow is typical, planning and scheduling the job prior to the customer closing on their home. Our schedule can be planned out weeks or sometimes even months in advance. Waiting to start the outdoor kitchen construction process, until after the home has been completed and closed on, is not ideal for customer’s that are looking to take advantage of our great weather and the SWFL lifestyle. By reserving a time slot for customer’s, we can always adjust the schedule accordingly should there be any delays that the customer may experience with the builder or the home buying process.

This client selected the popular Silver Travertine stacked stone for the the barbecue islands veneer finish. As you can see in the photos, this outdoor kitchen has two corners. We utilize corner pieces in all instances when the stone must wrap around the base. The Travertine corner pieces do cost a little more, but in our experience, we find that this finish looks far superior when compared to the mitered finish. The corner pieces allow for a seamless corner, rather than seeing that harsh line right down the edge. It gives the outdoor kitchen a more refined and professionally finished look, something we strive to achieve in every custom barbecue island we build.

We used the popular Silver Travertine stacked stone for the veneer siding, pairing it with a level 1 Ornamental granite used for the countertop. In the homes built by Neal Communities, here in the Florida region, the outdoor kitchen rough-in option features a wall that comes up about 8″-9″ above counter height. Most Neal customers are opting to have the backsplash come up to the lower part of the opening. The Neal rough-in option is quite airy and allows for excellent ventilation, without the need for a hood. These premeditated construction options are ideal, especially when it comes to getting what you want in a custom outdoor kitchen build. We applaud the Neal Community builders for these customized options.

Another nice feature about Neal homes is that they include the Natural Gas plumbing designed to flow to the outdoor kitchen area, saving the homeowner exponentially when it comes to building a barbecue island. This NG plumbing option has become a signature trait of Neal Communities. It’s incredibly convenient for customer’s that find changing propane tanks to be “a real pain in the gas.”

The Blaze components included in this beautiful custom outdoor kitchen by Elegant Outdoor Kitchens are the 32 inch, 4-burner Traditional Series grill with the 32″ double drawer/access door combination located underneath the grill. The 4.1 CU FT outdoor rated refrigerator with the included trim kit. There is also an 18″ single vertical door located underneath the Undermount Sink.

In addition to the high-arc faucet, we also installed a soap dispenser as well. This outdoor kitchen is full of functionality and convenience. Another amazing custom outdoor kitchen build by the pros here at Elegant Outdoor Kitchens of Southwest Florida.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Finishing Materials Used