Why You Need A Professional Outdoor Kitchen Company When Building Your Barbecue Island

Corroded Outdoor Kitchen Structure

Building A Barbecue Island The Wrong Way!

In this article, we’ll be covering some important topics about outdoor kitchen design & construction materials. We’ll also show you some reference photos that support using a professional outdoor kitchen contractor over an amateur do-it-yourselfer. We’re writing this article to warn homeowners of the risks of using sub-par building materials and construction methods. We recommend that you don’t cut corners to save money when it comes to your outdoor kitchen area.

We’ve included some prime examples photos of what happens when your builder uses the wrong materials when constructing your custom barbecue island structure. This gentleman thought he purchased a home with a beautiful little starter outdoor kitchen, what he found, in reality, was something he would more than likely have to pay someone to remove from his property. Here at Elegant Outdoor Kitchens, we build outdoor kitchens that look amazing and are structurally sound. Which is especially important in our neck of the woods; we have to endure hurricanes that are devastatingly powerful and destructive. That’s the Elegant Outdoor Kitchens difference! Take it from us; you don’t want to find yourself in this precarious outdoor kitchen position.

Here you’ll see the damage that’s caused by natural weathering and overexposure. The original builder also used a material that wasn’t suited for outdoor kitchen construction. Sure, this custom outdoor kitchen lasted about five years, but it could have lasted 15 – 20 years. That is if it was built using the proper materials. Protect your outdoor kitchen investment and make sure your contractor is using the appropriate construction materials for the job! That’s one thing you won’t have to worry about when you choose the professionals here at Elegant Outdoor Kitchen of Fort Myers, Florida. We’re Southwest Florida’s outdoor living specialists.


The Right Way to Build an Outdoor Kitchen – The Elegant Outdoor Kitchens Way!

Elegant Outdoor Kitchens Custom Outdoor Barbecue Island

Custom barbecue island design is what we do here at Elegant Outdoor Kitchens. We offer beautiful and affordable outdoor kitchen design solutions to the Southwest Florida area. We build our beautiful custom outdoor kitchens using an amalgamation of premium powder coated 2″ x 2″ aluminum framing studs and the well known Hardiebacker Cement Board products. Our outdoor living products are built sturdy and are designed to last. They’re hurricane safe and will hold up to aggressive Florida weathering. Give us a call today to speak with one of our outdoor living specialists.

Are you looking for an outdoor kitchen contractor? Give the professionals from Elegant Outdoor Kitchens a call today! We’ll help you design and construct a beautiful outdoor living area that will function as a financial investment as well as an entertainment area for you, your family, and your friends.

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