Small Barbecue Island, Big Features - Project Portfolio

Close-up of Diana Royal Stacked Stone finish on Barbecue Island Cabinetry

Project Name: Small Barbecue Island, Big Features

Project Design Layout: Straight

Project Materials Description: Blaze ice maker, Custom stainless trim kit for ice maker, Condensate pump for ice maker, Blaze 32" 4-burner LTE series, Blaze insulated jacket for gas grills, Blaze 32" door & double drawer combo, 4.1 CU outdoor refrigerator, 4.1 CU/4.5 CU trim kit, Diana Royal Stacked Stone, level 1 Dallas White granite

Big Features Inside a Compact Barbecue Island

If we have built one barbecue island in Corkscrew Shores by Pulte, we have built a thousand. We wouldn’t be surprised if the aroma in this community every night rivals a 5-star restaurant. Corkscrew Shores loves their outdoor living and outdoor kitchens, and you can’t help but imagine how good it must smell in there every evening!  

This 7’6″ outdoor kitchen provided the perfect amount of space for this homeowner to achieve their summer kitchen goals.

The following components are included in this beautiful barbecue island:

The facade along the front, right and left sides is a stacked stone, the color choice is Diana Royal. The countertop and 4″ side/backsplash are a level 1 Dallas White granite. Centrally located behind the grill, and for a width of 36″, the backsplash rises to 32″ high at the corners and arc to 36″ high at the center.

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32 Access Door and Double Access Drawer

32 Access Door and Double Access Drawer

Product Highlight: Blaze 32 Inch Access Door & Double Drawer Combo

The Blaze Door and Drawer combo feature an ideal access size for an island and an outdoor kitchen. This Blaze Door & Drawer Combo features commercial grade 304 stainless steel construction to stand up to the outdoor elements. Blaze access doors are the perfect storage solution for any outdoor kitchen!

  • Commercial grade 304 Stainless Steel construction is made for withstanding outdoor elements.
  • Adds practical storage in any outdoor kitchen
  • Door grants easy access to inside of BBQ island
  • The two drawers feature heavy duty sliding drawer mechanisms for smooth operation
  • Drawers provide storage for grilling tools and accessories
  • Rounded bevel design adds structural integrity to the drawer
  • Access door and fully enclosed storage drawers are accented with curved handles