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Outdoor Kitchen Component List – Essentials on a Budget

The Essential Outdoor Kitchen Component List to Include When On a Budget

We understand that not everyone is a Rockefeller; that’s why we assembled this article that covers the essentials where it concerns outdoor living.

Your outdoor kitchen is built primarily for one purpose, and that’s to house your professional barbecue grill. Running back and forth from your indoor kitchen to your outdoor kitchen happens, but if we can help you reduce those trips, we’re all for it. Most people don’t just eat barbecue when they grill. You tend to serve the meal with a few side dishes. So, the first must-have component of the list is going to be a side burner/s (preferably a double side burner, to heat more than one side).

The Essentials Article The Side Burner - Elegant Outdoor Kitchens
The Essentials Article The Side Burner – Elegant Outdoor Kitchens

This precision cut, handmade side burner is made of stainless steel and will provide you years of outdoor cooking enjoyment. If you are looking to create a gourmet outdoor meal complete with soups or side dishes, a drop-in side burner is an ideal addition to your outdoor kitchen. As of March 15, 2016 — Blaze side burners have a lifetime warranty that warrants against any defects in the manufacturing and workmanship of the burner, burner grate, body, lid, and control valve. While the ignition system is covered for one (1) year after the date of purchase. The product must be registered within thirty days for the warranty to apply.
Gas Conversions

Blaze Single Side Burner
SKU: BLZ-SB1 Category: Side Burners & Power Burner Components
Additional information: View Additional Information about the Blaze Single Side Burner

Next on our essential outdoor kitchen component list is the built-in mini-refrigerator. There’s just something so satisfying about having quick access to a cold beverage. Believe us when we say that this mini fridge will get its use.

The Essentials Article The Built-In Refrigerator – Elegant Outdoor Kitchens

The Blaze 4.5 Compact Refrigerator is the ideal space-saving solution for family rooms, game rooms, apartments or anywhere else. Interior design offers plenty of shelf space for all your favorite refreshments and foods. The refrigerator, including the compressor, is warranted for 1 year to the original owner against defects in manufacturing and workmanship. This warranty extends to the original purchaser against manufacture defects for products purchased for ordinary single-family home use.

Stainless Front Fridge 4.5 Cubic Feet
Additional Information: Stainless Front Fridge 4.5 Cubic Feet

The Mandatory Outdoor Kitchen Component

The last item on our essentials list is a functional requirement. It serves a few purposes, the first being the accessibility to your internal gas, electrical, and plumbing lines for your barbecue grill and any other components you install, and the second is acting as a dry storage area. Your outdoor kitchen cabinet has plenty of space that you can convert into a dry storage area. Depending on the size of your outdoor kitchen, you’ll need to install at least one access door. In our experience, though, a combination access door and drawer unit will only lend to both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your outdoor living area.

The Essentials Article Outdoor Kitchen Access Door - Elegant Outdoor Kitchens
The Essentials Article Outdoor Kitchen Access Door – Elegant Outdoor Kitchens

The Blaze 25 inch Double Access Doors feature an ideal access size for an island and an outdoor kitchen. Blaze’s commercial grade 304 Stainless Steel construction is made for withstanding outdoor elements. The access doors are the perfect storage solution for any outdoor kitchen! Door opening measurements 20 3/4 W x 16 3/4 H.

Blaze 25″ Double Door
Additional Information: Blaze 25″ Double Door

There are a plethora of other components that can you can add that will expand the functionality of your outdoor living space. You can add elements such as a trash receptacle, sink & faucet, ice maker, warming drawer, ice maker, beverage station, ice bin, power burner, and many other components. You can, in my opinion, make your outdoor living area better than your indoor kitchen, and some people do just that.

Elegant Outdoor Kitchens is your source for professional outdoor kitchen design and contracting services. If you’ve been considering an outdoor kitchen area, give us a call today to schedule an on-site design consultation. We know that once you see your outdoor kitchen mocked up as a 3D design, it’ll be an easy decision when it comes to starting the construction process.

In the meantime, check out our newest website, known as http://grillsgonewild.shop, where we retail all the custom outdoor living components you’ll need for your future project. We can assure you that you’ll find all the essential components we’ve spoken of today as well.

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Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas – Considerations Before Your Outdoor Kitchen Build

Before you Build your Outdoor Kitchen

Dallas White & Silver Travertine - Outdoor Kitchen Construction by Elegant Outdoor Kitchens of Fort Myers, Florida

Dallas White & Silver Travertine – Outdoor Kitchen Construction by Elegant Outdoor Kitchens of Fort Myers, Florida

When considering a design for your custom outdoor kitchen area and living space, it’s as much about performance as it is about style and aesthetics. Before committing to a design, there are few questions you might want to take into consideration. To get what you want out of an outdoor kitchen build, you must first understand what you want to achieve, and what you have to work with.

There are quite a few options in the outdoor kitchen construction industry. Over the years it has evolved drastically into a type of sub-class in construction. All throughout America there are both contractors and manufacturers devoted to building the best outdoor kitchen islands and cooking components. Cooking components like high performance grills, pizza ovens, and beautiful stainless-steel doors & drawers. These outdoor kitchen upgrades are so popular today that home developers are now pre-installing both natural gas and water lines into lanais. Making it that much easier to add-on and build an outdoor living space. A quick search on the web will result in a plethora of custom outdoor kitchen construction photos.

Elegant Outdoor Kitchens has included the questionnaire below as an exercise in planning and development for your project. We’ve also included a downloadable version at the bottom of the article. If you can take the time to answer these question, you’ll be that much closer to getting the outdoor kitchen you want and need for your home.

Considerations Before You Start Your Outdoor kitchen Design & Build

Will you be hosting parties, or the occasional intimate family gathering?


Will you need refrigeration, natural gas, or running water?


Do you have the proper water and/or gas lines running to your outdoor living area? If not, have you inquired about an estimate?


What type of fuel will your primary cooking components use? Natural Gas, Propane, Charcoal, Wood or a multi-fuel outdoor cooking appliance?


Will you also dine outside? If so, will your dining area be built-in to the outdoor kitchen island?


What style of cooking are you interested in? Grilling, Baking, Smoking or a combination of cooking styles?


What type of material finishes are you planning on using? Have you considered how the material will fair in the SWFL climate?


Have you considered both functional storage and trash storage? Does it matter?


What design configuration or island layout works best for your outdoor space?


What’s your overall project budget?


Have you spoke with a professional design consultant yet?

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas – Considerations Questionnaire PDF

The above questionnaire is a great place to start conceptually thinking about your outdoor living area. We’ve provided it as a free download too. Elegant Outdoor Kitchens of Fort Myers, Florida is a reputable and professional outdoor kitchen contractor. So, we understand what goes into an outdoor kitchen build, as well as what you should start to consider. Hopefully, this will help you turn your thought process into an actual plan. Let’s start building!

If you haven’t been consulted by a professional builder yet, please give us a call. We’ll help you design the outdoor living area you’ve always wanted. Call Elegant Outdoor Kitchens today!