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Aurora 30" Barbecue Grill with Rotisserie, Digital Temp, Infrared Burner

The Elegant Outdoor Kitchen Difference

With Elegant Outdoor Kitchens, you can feel confident in the quality construction of your custom outdoor kitchen. We work closely with homeowners to ensure that they receive a beautiful and structurally sound outdoor living product. From concept to completion, our top-notch outdoor kitchen design team provides detailed 3D CAD designs for project pre-approval. Once you’ve signed off on the design, our installation and construction crew will set out to make your outdoor kitchen design a reality.


Our Outdoor Living Products are Hurricane Safe

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, local Floridians have once again been reminded of the awesome power of nature. Here at Elegant Outdoor Kitchens, we understand the need for long lasting and extra durable construction. Every year, Florida is subjected to even more powerful hurricanes and other adverse weather conditions. With our outdoor living products, we take pride in the fact that our islands are hurricane safe and built to last. With the latest hurricane, we recently had the chance to test our outdoor kitchen cabinetry and overall durability. We’re happy to report that our barbecue islands are tested and approved.


More Outdoor Kitchen Components Than You Can Shake a Stick At!

Close-up of Large Big Green Egg Grill

Close-up of Large Big Green Egg Grill

Our Elegant Outdoor Kitchen design team will assist you in determining which outdoor kitchen components you’ll need for your outdoor kitchen. From professional barbecue grills, side burners, all the way to outdoor refrigeration, we’ll ensure you have everything you need to be an all-star grill master. If you’re unclear about the process or have any questions, our team of professionals is here to answer any and all you might have.


The Benefits of Using a Professional Outdoor Kitchen Design & Manufacturing Contractor

Building a custom outdoor living area can be a pretty significant task. Let’s face it; it’s a major addition to your backyard and home. Barbecue island design and construction is what we do here at Elegant Outdoor Kitchens. Our team is happy to assist you, every step of the way. Give us a call today to schedule an on-site design consultation. Our tried and true design process will ensure that you get the outdoor living area you’ve always dreamt of owning.

Check out our latest outdoor living creations! Follow the link below to see our project portfolio.

If you’ve been considering a custom barbecue island and you live in the Southwest Florida region, give us a call at Elegant Outdoor Kitchens to schedule an on-site design consultation. We’re more than happy to send out one of our barbecue island design specialists. As we mentioned earlier, our custom barbecue islands have now been successfully tested through a category 3 hurricane (Hurricane Irma). If you’re looking for a builder that focuses on structural integrity just as much as the aesthetic appeal, give us a call today!

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